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Friday, June 22, 2012

Free App Friday!

Here we go...round two of free app Friday! Did you find any good apps this week? Did you download AppsDeal Fire? There have been some great apps this week!

Well let's get to it! Here are this week's apps!

First up in Phonics is the Beginning Phonics app. 

This is an app I just found! Sooo I don't know much about it, and I haven't used it with students. Here is what I LOVE about it! You match pictures to letters using the beginning sound of the picture. What makes this really great for Kindergarten and especially the ELL students is if you touch the picture it tells you the word. I found when I worked with my ELL students; they didn't know what the picture was. How are they supposed to know what the beginning sound is, if they don't know what the picture is! This was also great for helping them build up their vocabulary!

You can use this app only on the iPad.

Next up is Short Vowels Lite. 

Usually apps have two versions, a full version and a lite version. The lite version is generally free. It's not as good as the paid version, but you can usually get just as much out of the lite version! With this app you only work on the short /a/ and short /o/ sounds. There are three levels, and each one gets harder. 

You can use this app on iPhone, iPod and, iPad.


First up in math is count-a-licious. It is titled a toddler game, so it's great for the beginning of the year! 

This app is full of great colors and pictures. The app counts for you, and then has you count pictures to match the number. Talk about some GREAT number sense! My students loved this as a beginning of the year math station. It also worked wonders for my ELL students. It kept them very engaged, and really helped with their counting to 20. 

You can use this app on the iPhone, iPod and, iPad

Up next is Fun of Shapes. I know it doesn't make sense, but if that is what you type into the app store you will find it! 

In this app you hear a story that identifies shapes, then a game that sort pictures by shape. Each time you do an activity right, you earn a sticker. I love that the story shows shapes in everyday life. Again this is a great app to start your year off, and is great for ELL students!

You can use this app on iPhone and iPad.

There are your apps for the week! Have a great weekend!! 

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