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Friday, June 15, 2012

Free App Friday!

Hello friends!! I was luckily enough in my previous school to be given an iPad! It seems that is a growing occurrence! When we moved I had to give my iPad back :( So my hubby decided to surprise me and buy me one...one I get to keep!! Woo hoo!! I love how much he loves me!!! Soooooo I thought I would start a weekly post about some apps that I have stumbled upon or use regularly!! I was thinking about two or so each time, a math and a reading app. Best of all the ones I share are FREE!!!

Does that sound like something you would like to see?

 So here is what my iPad screens look like......

as you can see....I have A LOT of apps! Do you know how many I paid for...NONE!!! There are so many wonderful and free apps out there. How do you sort through all of them? Well I hope this will help you. The apps I am going to show you are based on my own opinion.

The very first app you NEED to know about is called appsfire deals

This app is awesome. You can detail it to meet your needs. You need to add education to the list of apps that you want them to notify you about. What it does is tells you about apps that usually cost money are now free. Apps become free for many reasons. Sometimes they want you to try it, and rate it. Other times they are celebrating the release of a new app, so they are giving old ones away for free. I have found a lot of apps that I like through this app. I have found math games, and story apps that read the book to your students...can you say listen to reading station!!

You can use this app on iPhone, Ipod, and iPads.

The next app is called beginning sounds interactive (if you type it in just like that you will find it)

It is made by Lakeshore so you know its going to be awesome! It lets you choose three different beginning sounds, and then shows you pictures to match with the beginning sounds. My students loved this game! We used it in small group and as a station.

You can use this app on iPhone, iPod, and iPads.

So what do you think? Do you have any apps that you love? Do you like this Friday post idea? Any other things you want to know about the iPad or iPods? I am a novice, but it is something that I enjoy learning about!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the Friday Free App idea! Can't believe no one else has commented. It must be an end of June thing! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Heidi! Since it's the first one I'm not too worried! Hopefully once I get going more people will join! Plus, I'm sure I am not the only one in the blog world that does something like this!

      Thanks for the comment, and come back again!


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