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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hopefully I'm back and a Pintrest Linky Party!

I won't bore you with all the details about where I have been...and what is going on in my life! The short version...someone hacked into my e-mail, signed up for a bunch of dating sites...blah blah blah! It took google and some very strongly worded conversations and e-mails to let them know I was not the one doing those things!

Then my husband received another job transfer. He moved in January, and I waited until school was over. So between juggling two homes, and packing, moving and, all that I didn't have much time!!

Soooooo now that all that is done, I am hopping to get back to blogging. To do that, I am excited about some of the summer book studies that are happening. I have my books, highlights, and Dr. Pepper ready to go!

On to the Linky Party. I am joining up with Kinder Kraziness for her What I'm Pinning Wednesday!

Do you love Pintrest?!? I know...everyone does! Blogging and Pintrest have changed my teaching! 
I have been working on better organizing my boards, and I made a Summer To-Do board.You can click {here} to see it, and maybe follow it! 

So on to the party....Here are a few things I am really thinking about!! 

1. Morning Meeting Activities 
At my school in South Dakota, we used Responsive Classroom. In the program you have a daily morning meeting. These are some great activities, so I need to print them, laminate them, and hook them on a ring! 
Morning Meeting

2. Behavior Clip Chart
I really debated about this last year. Now I am kicking myself for not making it! So this summer it is at the TOP of my to-do list!
Tons of Classroom management Ideas--Color change clipart and a neat way to display what standard you are working on.

3.  ORGANIZE!!!!
I really need to get organized! When I moved this time, I did take more time to pack smart, and organize as much as I could! Now when I unpack I want to use these labels to sort and organize my materials. There are a few other things I want to do to organize myself too! 
Math Center labels - also ideas for "Waiting For Mom"

Fancy Up Your Sterlite Drawers.

Well I think that is about all for now!!! I better start getting busy! Make sure you go and link up!!