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Friday, July 20, 2012

Free App Friday!!

Welcome to the third Free App Friday!! Sorry about the lack of Free App Friday's...but life got in the way! I wish I could tell you in was because I was offered a job...but sadly that is not the case :( Come on LPS give this teacher a JOB!!!

Well enough of my unemployed whining...and on to the free apps!

Lets have Language Arts first!!!


First up is an app called ABC Alphabet Phonics
This is one of my FAVORITE apps!! It starts by showing you three letters and calls out one of those letters. You then touch the correct letter. The app gets progressively harder by adding more letters for you to chose from. What I really LOVE about this app is...you can very it depending on your students level. It starts by identifying capital letters. If you want to make it more of a challenge you can add capital and lowercase letters. You can also add animals and letters to choose from! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! 

Up next is the app called Letter of the Day. It's by Lakeshore...so of course it is good!!

First you have to choose a letter. Then you can choose from many different activities. There is a chant for you to listen to that talks about something that starts with that letter, and the sound. After that you choose another activity that shows you three pictures. You have to choose the one that begins with the sound that you are working on. If you touch the picture it tells you what the picture is. That helps the ELL kids with vocabulary! You can also practice writing the letter.

Now onto math!


First app in math is called Number Match. 
The app is just as it sounds! You tap on the card and it tells you the number. Then you have to find its match.  My students really liked playing this game. It was very helpful in learning those teen numbers!

Next math app is called Math is Fun 4-5.

With the lite version you can play three different games. The first one is a candy counting game. You count how many candies are in the jar and then you match the number. The next game is domino addition. You count the dots on the domino and put the total number in the box. The third game is a train game with a missing number. You are given a sequence of numbers and have to drag the number that is missing up to the train. I just found this game a few weeks ago, so I can't wait to use it when we get back to school. I think the kids will really like it! I like that I can use it with a wide range of students in small groups!

Well there you have it! This weeks Free App Friday! Have you been downloading some good apps? I hope you all have a great weekend! The hubs and I are off to Omaha to go to the Brad Paisley concert with some friends! I am very excited!!! 

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