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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am so excited!! I got an e-mail from our principal telling us about the orders we placed before school was over. We got to make a "wish" list of things we would like to have in our classroom. These awesome dice were on my list!

I am so excited to get to use them! I figured since I got them....I better think of something I can do with them right away when school starts (I don't want her to think I wasted the money!). So I made....Letter-O!! Lucky for you....you can have this game for free!! This comes with two game boards on one sheet of paper. Then you cut them on the dark outline that goes all the way around. Put some cute scrapbook paper behind it...laminate and TA-DA!!! You play this game just like bingo (just in case you didn't figure that out yet!) I also decided, if the kids land on wild, they can pick a letter. The first one to get 5 in a row....WINS!! You can have the students cross them out with dry erase markers (if you laminate them) or have them use chips, cubes, whatever else you can think of!

Do you have any ideas on other ways to use these dice? Remember to show some comment love, you may also want to think about following me! I have some more ideas coming your way!!


  1. Hi Crystal! Karen Dunker here....love your blog. It will be fun to check out!

    We do 'roll-a-letter'...I just used free graph paper from the lounge and wrote random letters at the bottom. When the kids roll a letter, they color in a square above the letter. It's really fun too!


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