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Friday, July 1, 2011

I have a problem!!

Hi, my name is Crystal....and I am addicted to Target Dollar Spot!  I also think that we need to start some sort of dollar spot ring! There are a lot of cute things that people have at their Target, that mine doesn't have! Not only am I a blog stalker...now I need to be a Target Dollar Spot stalker!!Ok now that I got that off my chest....check out my SCORE!!!

Here is a picture of all of it! Please excuse the poor photo quality!

How cute are these community helper cards?!? I was digging in a bin and found them! So lucky! I bought two so I thought I could have the kids play memory. Then I actually looked at the cards and there are pictures on both sides....so now I'm not sure what to do!

I got these small markers to put into the spin a sightword game I bought from Kathleen at Growing Kinders my kids really loved playing this game and I thought the smaller markers would be better!

P.S. I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to do this screen shot and put it together like that!!
I bought these notepads to put in my writing center. I like that they show different lists to make. It will also save me from making copies. I would really like to find a stamp that looks like a shopping cart to put at the top of the papers!

I bought these for our Dr. Seuss unit...hopefully I will be able to find them in March!

I love that these number cards have the dots on them.

These are just some random balls I bought. We use responsive classroom at my school. With that comes a lot of games and activities. For some of them you need multiple balls and lets face it....if you use a koosh ball everything is WAY more fun!!

And Finally.........................

I broke down and bought the laminater!! I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!! I have held out for many years...but with all the math freebies and other finds this summer, I figured it would end up paying for itself!!

Now go link up with Ladybug's Teaching Files to see other Target Anonymous teacher finds!!

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  1. I hope you enjoy your laminator, it is BY FAR my FAVORITE classroom tool!

  2. We don't have some of that stuff at our target

  3. I just bought a laminator too its the greatest!!! check out amazon for the sheets i got a great deal 100 for 10 bucks!!!

  4. I LOVE my laminator!!!! I got mine last year (my mother asked what I wanted and I told her a laminator-she thought I was crazy lol) and I use it ALL THE TIME!! Yay!!!


  5. I love my laminator!! Best thing I have ever bought as far as teaching materials. I used to get my lamination sheets on the web...but I found that Sams Club carries them (and they're thicker and cheaper). Have fun with it!!
    ~The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  6. Great finds! Come on over for a giveaway! littlemisskindergarten.blogspot.com

  7. I have the same target addiction. We went last night and I had to go just browse! I also have the laminating machine! It's wellllllllll worth it. I only wish it laminated larger items but I can't complain its great!

  8. I am addicted to Target Dollar Spot tooooooo! Love it! I also have the laminator. It works great for all the mini or smaller items you need laminated! :)


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