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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We did our Transportation Unit a loooooooong time ago! However, it is one of my FAVORITES and my kids really loved it! So here are a few things that we did!
We usually have a realistic word wall for each unit we study. After our unit I put the word wall in our pocket chart center. They use sight words and the word wall pictures to build sentences. Then they write them down on the paper and can draw a picture to match.

We read the book

We look at the pictures and try to guess where the children go to school. Then we check in the back of the book to see if we are right. We then look at a world map on the SMARTBoard and see how far that is from where we live. We talk about the kind of transportation we would need to take to each place. To end the lesson we make a class book.

As part of this unit we also learn about vehicles that go fast and slow. Using our word wall words we do a sort of vehicles that go fast and slow. Every year we have some different opinions...about cars, and trains, and trucks. So read books and learn how fast these vehicles actually go. We learn that trains can go really fast, and cars and trucks can go kind of fast. So we debate, and which ever we all decide on is what it is for that year. Then we make a class book.

This is a fun art project. You put different colored paint into different trays (these are my microwave lunch dishes washed out). Then you put a different car in each color of paint. You need to find the ones that have different patterns on the wheels. Watch out for the ones that you drag backwards and they move forward (they splatter paint EVERYWHERE!!!) I have found McDonald's Happy Meal Toys and Dollar Tree have a great selection!


This is just a brief (ok so maybe not brief) but just a look at a few of the things we do for Transportation. I hope you have found something useful!!


  1. I like the realistic word wall cards! I just may have to borrow that from you :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the art activity! We are right in the middle of our transportation unit and I will add this to our activities.

  3. I love your pocket chart cards! I just found your blog and it is as cute as a button

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