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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

100th Day and Valentine's Day

I know I know....this was awhile ago, but here it is anyways!

Unlike most of my bloggy friends...we did not get any snow days, so our 100th day was right on schedule :(

Here are some pictures...

Of course we do the fruit loop necklaces...who doesn't do these? Well this year I used curling ribbon OH.MY.WORD...it was terrible. Yarn doesn't work well either, everything always comes undone. What do you use?

I also gave each table a 100 piece puzzle. They had to work as a team to put it together. There was some GREAT problem solving, and discussing. Most of them decided they should put all the edge piece in one pile and all the inside pieces together. THEY LOVED IT!!!

Our 100 day hats. We colored the number 100 and then added 100 stickers. WEW was that fun, exciting, and difficult! I cut them all into strips of 10 and then gave each student a baggie. We talked about how 10 groups of 10 make 100. Then they put them on their hats. They were suppose to try and keep all 10 stickers together. Some did better than others.

We also did the 100th day trail mix. Each table got small plates with the number 10 on them. They they counted 10 of each different kind of treat. When all of those were done we dumped them into a big bowl, and counted by 10s. After all three tables we realized...there were 300 snacks in the bowl!!! WOW that is a lot!

These are the only pictures I have from Valentine's day...our art teacher had the kids make these!


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  1. For the fruit loop necklaces, I used pieces of Red Licorice String. The kids loved it!


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