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Friday, August 3, 2012

Free App Friday

Yeah...it's Friday!! That means Free App Friday time!! I am visiting my family down in Kansas and it has been a great week! I have the best family ever! I wish I could spend more time with them!! Did you have a good week? I am so jealous of all you people getting your classrooms ready :( Ok enough of my no job pity party...on to the apps!


This app is called Alphabet Match.

This app is like the Number Match I shared with you a few weeks ago. It's basically alphabet memory. What I like is that when you click on the card to turn it over, it tells you the letter. This is great at the beginning of the year, or during small group with those low kids!

This app is called Alphabet is Fun.

This app is from the same people I showed you in math last week. There are four free games for you to play. If you want to play more, then of course it costs money! The games you can play are magnetic letters, letter tracing, letter identification, and letter matching. The part I like the most is the letter identification. This one has different parts to make it easier or harder! The game will show you and tell you the letter, then you can turn those off. Another great tool for the beginning of the year, or with those struggling kids!


This app is called 10 Frame Fill.
It is a great math game that works on combinations to 10. To start the game it gives you so many blue chips. Then you have to count how many more you need to get 10. What I like is you can count the empty squares, or you can use the yellow chips to help you fill the frame. This is great when teaching combinations, and it's really great to use in small group interventions! 

There you have it friends! Have a great weekend, and get lots of sleep and relaxation in for school starts very soon! 

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