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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spider Math

I just love themed math ideas! So for the past few weeks we have been practicing counting. We have been working with dice and counting the dots. So when it was close to Halloween we added spiders to it! The 1st player rolls the die and counts the dots. Then they pick out that many spiders. Then the second player does the same, and so on. After all the spiders are gone the students count to see who has the most. I got the spiders at Wal-Mart...I think it was a package of 100 for $2.00!
Here are some pictures:

I also love these trays! They came with our math curriculum! They help everything stay in one place!

We also added recording our numbers. After they counted out the spiders the students recorded it on a piece of paper. They could make a mark, draw a circle, whatever was easy for them. It was just another way to show how many they spiders they had. Sometimes the numbers matched and sometimes they didn't. So that was a great discussion starter.

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